We Buy Lots & Land for Development

As a residential builder, we are always looking for land of all sizes, from single lots to large acreage, for land development.

Cornerstone’s acquisition and land development division specializes in residential subdivisions and site development for new home construction.

Our company model is based on creating quality and value for the landowners, municipalities, neighborhoods and communities where we develop.

Our Philosophy 

  • Incorporate Land Planning and Design that Listens to the Land
    • Planning that complements the unique characteristics of the land’s natural size, shape, topography and form
    • Carefully take into consideration the surroundings and visualize what design suits the surrounding properties and use of these properties
    • Create subdivision layouts that are attractive, well planned, efficient, safe and enhance the community
    • Explore creative ideas that think outside the box. Every track of land is unique, each with its own challenges. If we fail to incorporate these nuances into the design, we can miss opportunities to change the status quo
  • Design and Build using a Holistic Approach
    • Create pedestrian flows and walking trails for the residents that connect residents to features and destinations
    • Lay out lots to maximize visual features and view corridors which will enhance the living experience for the residents
    • Conserve land and natural resources by avoiding and protecting environmentally sensitive land while creating preserved open space
    • Integrate natural features and stormwater conveyance into community features and visual amenities

The land development division of Cornerstone has a long outstanding reputation of a high level of integrity and honesty that has earned us an outstanding position and various awards in the development community.

Cornerstone is local! We live and work here and care deeply about the projects being developed.  After all, we are building for today…and for the future!

To date Cornerstone has developed well over 800+ acres of land, 1,500 homesites, and 50+ communities (click to view)